Why I didn't like devotionals...

I didn't like devotionals. But I wrote one!

I used to think I didn't like devotionals because I'm not a big fan of a few thoughts that follow a single verse out of context. But I love the way that a well written devotional can stir hunger and ignite hearts.

When I was in college, my campus minister had me read Space for God, full of art, prayer prompts, poetry, reflections, and full passages of Scripture. It was rich and I had powerful encounters through it. I still don't love devotionals, but I knew that it was possible to reflect on the beauty of God's Word in a profound way.

So my prayer for As Some of Your Own Poets Have Said is that people would dig in deeply to the Word. That we would see the same God who moved in the lives of the men and women of Scripture moving powerfully in our lives.

I'm so thankful for the way that God invites us into His story. He creates each of us with gifts and unique passions so that we can fulfill the first commission and live fruitful lives. We were designed to bear fruit and walking with Jesus helps us live as we were always meant to.

May the Revealer of Mysteries speak to us afresh!


ps if you're asked for your credit card, just bypass that, it's free with the prayer that many will encounter the Lord as they hold Scripture in one hand and their textbook in the other.