Jamie DonneComment

Discipleship & Dreaming

Jamie DonneComment

For the last five years, I've spent my summer pouring into the New Staff class for the CCO. I teach classes, share stories, and celebrate the incredible honor of being called to this work of college ministry.

Last week I taught our discipleship class. We talked about strategy, methods, and our perfect model of discipleship in Jesus. As I shared philosophies of ministry I carry into discipleship with students, I was taken by a holy reverence for this task.

All of creation is groaning for the unique gifts placed inside of this generation. When we invest in students and see their potential unlocked, creation is released from its bondage to decay through them. 

It's a lofty goal. It's a huge goal for any of us when we think about living into our fullest potential. It requires the space, freedom, and courage to dream. I long to see a generation of students who dream about campuses, workplaces, neighborhoods, families and friendships that look more like Heaven. Life with each other is another gift given to us to steward with wisdom. 

What an incredible opportunity we have to steward the gift of life with students!